Student Development Center

Personal & Professional Grooming

  • Introduction/Background
    • The Career Services Office works with students to guide and advise them regarding their future plans/career. Therefore, a dedicated Student Development Center is being established within the Advancement Cell where dedicated counsellors will provide guidance to all students and will help them in making informed decisions about their career
  • Scope of Work
    • The Student Development Center will be responsible to carry out the fullowing tasks:
      • Focus on development of students both personal and professional. This will start in the first year. Discussions with students regarding their future plans will be held on a regular basis i.e. weekly or fortnightly. As the students are not clear as to which career path they should choose, it would be the responsibility of the counselors to provide guidance both professional and academic.
        • Professional Guidance
          • One on one sessions regarding the student’s career focusing on their skills and guiding them which field to pursue their career in
          • Connect them to industry
          • Monitor their internships (starting this summer)
          • A course on professional development is recommended. This course to be spread over four years starting from basics to the advanced level. In the final semester students must submit a professionally written
            • Cover Letter
            • CV
            • Must pass the mock interview
            • Must have a linked in profile
  • Successful students will be awarded certificates and only then they should be eligible for the award of degree
    • Academic Guidance
      • Provide guidance regarding higher studies abroad and within the country