Since Advancement Office is all about creating awareness for Higher Education, building relationships with the society and generating support for universities’ academic programs, research and infrastructure etc. It intends to be accomplished by comprehensive strategic efforts to incorporate alumni, community, government, non-government, industries, corporations and individual relations, communication, development, resource planning and administration.

Advancement Office-MUL will adopt three pronged strategy for smooth, effective and efficient running of Advancement Program. This three prong strategy will follow following steps.


is a societal awareness to promote the understanding, importance and enthusiasm for Higher Education in the Community


is the strong binding among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Community, Donors, Alumni, Friends, Industry and Corporate sector


is the contribution /funding to HEIs in the form of scholarships, gifts, endowments, sponsorships and support for research and infrastructure development.


The main functions of this shall be to create awareness amongst key target groups, stakeholders and partners organizations concerning various aspects of MUL academics, research, administration and extra-curricular activities. Development and publishing of awareness material (brochures, pamphlets, MUL newsletters, University magazines, MUL calendars etc.) organizing seminars, workshops and conferences, awareness through print and electronic media, developing, designing and installing sign boards, days celebrations and arranging walks at important days and events.


This shall be responsible for establishing linkages, networking and partnerships with industries, corporate sector organizations, development sector governmental and non-governmental organizations, alumni association, individuals and philanthropists to secure and generate needful financial and material resources for academic, research and infrastructure development.


This shall be responsible for developing and marketing various MUL products (discipline, faculties), organizing fund raising events such sports events, educational visits, exhibitions, fare etc. sponsoring various university events such as convocation from donor organizations and launching other fund raising campaigns for MUL academic, research and infrastructure development.