MUL awareness and communication is a process of developing local community, corporate sector organizations, development sector governmental organizations and NGOs, alumni association, individuals and philanthropists that are aware of and concerned about Minhaj University Lahore, its academic disciplines, research programs, extra-curricular activities and its role in national development to acquire their sustained help, constant support and increased cooperation in terms of money, service and delivery.

This aims to inculcate positive changes in attitudes of diverse target groups, stakeholders and partners towards MUL varied projects, interventions and engagements, thus forging relationships and securing commitments required to advance the institution mission and long term strategic priorities.

MUL awareness and communication will focus on portraying MUL brand image as a top class National Higher Education institution and shall spotlight on donor-centered relationship to secure private funds that fuel excellence in initiatives by students.

To convey MUL message in clear, effective and unambiguous manner to key target groups, stakeholder and partner organizations,


Advancement Office-MUL will carry out following strategic interventions.

  • Identify key target groups, stakeholders and partner organizations, their activities, role and priorities
  • Develop target specific messages with appropriate programs and detailed delivery and implementation mechanism
  • Develop, design and constantly update an attractive, robust and dynamic MUL website to aware, inform and involve target audience in sustained growth of MUL.
  • Develop, design, publish and disseminate target specific persuasive awareness material (poster, brochures, pamphlets, annual calendars and diaries, MUL prospectus etc.) to convey MUL message, programs and intervention in clear manner
  • Develop, design, publish and disseminate attractive MUL newsletter on quarterly basis to effectively inform and update key target audience on sustained basis with regards to MUL interventions in the field of education, research and infrastructure development
  • Develop, publish and disseminate MUL magazine on annual basis to convey creative potential, achievements and millstones of MUL students, faculty and administrative staff thereby portraying MUL as top class brand amongst its contenders in the region. Publish articles in daily newspapers highlighting current and future MUL projects, significance, role and position in local, regional and national development thereby increasing quality enrollment
  • Organize and conduct talks on local FM radio and television to convey MUL vision, mission and message to major chunk of the target community thereby securing their support and cooperation
  • Launch appropriate advocacy campaign on local cable with regards to MUL academic program, admissions and important deadlines
  • Establish media cell in Advancement Office-MUL to engage local and national journalists in MUL uplift and brand imaging
  • Install signboards at prominent locations carrying attractive messages and information with regards to MUL academic, research and facilities thereby creating awareness amongst community at large
  • Organize workshops, seminars and conferences for diverse target groups to inform them concerning MUL and acquire their help, support and cooperation on sustained basis
  • Celebrate special days/ important events and highlight it in print and electronic media to portray MUL image as valuable brand and inculcate positive changes in attitudes of community at large