About Advancement Office

The MUL emerged as an independent private sector university in the higher education landscape of Pakistan in September 1986. It was formally chartered by Punjab Government in 2005. Being a relatively new and emerging university, the MUL will follow a long way to contribute to its vision, mission and achieve strategic objectives. To pursue excellence and advancement in the education, MUL would be needing sustained supply of financial resources that is required for academic, research and administrative affairs.

Strategic Priorities

The MUL being a relatively new and emerging university in Pakistan has not yet grown and matured enough in tandem with the community at large. MUL brand imaging, building relationships and generating support for teaching, research and public service mission, collaborations (local & international level) as well as distance learning programs shall be the top strategic priorities for Advancement Office.

Core Values

With a spirit of professionalism, and in an environment that encourages teamwork and professional growth, the Advancement Office shall commit itself to the following core values.


We will take pride in our work and shall strive for highest quality;


We will empower ourselves and others to be risk-takers and reach beyond the current paradigm; and be open to change and creative new ideas in fulfilling our mission;


Being the custodian of public trust we will ensure that promises to our supporters are fulfilled and hold ourselves accountable for using our resources wisely;

Ethical Actions

We shall adhere to high ethical standards; we will build our relationships based on trust, honesty and integrity; and we will respect privacy and confidentiality.


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